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Trafficable Membranes

Trafficable  Waterproof Membranes

Trafficable areas such as car parking decks, drive through’s, podiums and plant rooms require a robust coating system capable of frequent impact loads and wear from vehicles, plant and foot traffic. Unexposed car parking decks are subject to surface degradation from a combination of weathering and every day usage. Suspended decks are designed to accommodate movement at construction joints, however it is not unusual to see cracks forming throughout the slab, leading to degradation of steel reinforcement by corrosion.

A flexible  Solution


Inseal’s pure polyurea is a spray-applied, rapid cure membrane that exhibits outstanding physical properties. With its high flexibility and permanent elasticity, coupled with high tensile and tear strength, Inseal polyurea can bridge cracks and accommodate high movement joints without splitting.

The dense trafficable membrane also has excellent shock absorbing properties owing to its impact and abrasion resistance. Inseal Polyurea is resistant to a wide range of acids and alkali’s thus does not breakdown due to oils and battery acids. 

Unrivalled physical properties

No other product in the market can compete with the combined physical properties of Inseal polyurea

What is Inseal Polyurea

Inseal’s Polyurea is a specially formulated pure polyurea designed specifically for use in waterproofing and protective coating applications. The two component product is processed though specialist equipment where it is heated and pressurised. The material is mixed and dispensed through a spray gun where a rapid cross-linking reaction forms a polyurea coating that can be built to any thickness in one pass. To discover more about polyurea, see ‘Polyurea 101’ here.

Trafficable Membrane  Applications


Inseal pure polyurea is designed to withstand the harshest of service conditions. With its unique ability to adhere with a tenacious grip to many well prepared surfaces, providing a durable, seamless, monolithic and elastomeric trafficable membrane, it is the product of choice in the following applications;

  • Parking Decks
  • Exposed Podiums
  • Flat Roofs (subject to frequent maintenance)
  • Plant Rooms
  • Bin Store areas

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