Swimming pool coatings

Swimming pools by nature are subject to constant exposure to a somewhat harsh environment. The swimming pool coating is immersed in water containing a multitude of chemicals, most commonly sodium hypochlorite and hydrochloric acid. Over time degradation takes places in the form of oxidation depleting the coating surface. Other than the effects of chemical attack the coating is also exposed to dynamic forces such as flexing due to pool structure movement.

Polyaspartic  Polyurea

Inseal Coatings uses specially formulated aliphatic polyurea and polyaspartic products to provide durable swimming pool membrane systems. These latest coating technologies provided an extended service life over traditional swimming pool coatings. 

Epoxy swimming pool coatings typically fail by flaking, peeling and cracking. Epoxy based products become very hard upon cure resulting in a brittle coating that has very little elongation (1-2%) or flexibility. By comparison, our polyaspartic and polyurea swimming pool coatings have >300% elongation, or 150 times that of epoxy! 

Unrivalled physical properties

Swimming pool Applications

Selection of a suitable coating is important for a successful pool coating project. Equally important is the correct preparation of the substrate. Swimming pools are constructed using various materials, most typically fiberglass and concrete. Linings and finishes of pool structures range vastly from vinyl liners, epoxy coating, marble plaster, mosaic tiles and chlorinated rubber. 

Be it a new build pool or refurbishment project, preparing the structure to provide a clean surface free of contaminants such as organic matter, soluble salts and trace chemicals is vital. To promote optimum adhesion and coating continuity, the surface is required to be sound, free of surface porosity and have a profile to provide a mechanical key. Inseal Coatings skilled applicators adopt various techniques and equipment appropriate to the structure and site environment to ensure a quality installation of the pool coating is delivered. If you are considering having your tired looking pool refurbished or constructing new, contact Inseal Coatings for a friendly, non-obligation consultation.