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Roof Membrane Waterproofing

Inseal’s spray applied polyurea cures in minutes forming a seamless, flexible and monolithic roof membrane that is water tight and durable. The dense roof coating exhibits excellent tensile and tear strength which accommodates cyclical movement. Inseal Polyurea can be applied to a wide range of roof structures and materials such as colour steel long run, asbestos sheet also known as ‘super 6’, concrete and ply flat roofs having torch on or butynol membranes and refrigerated buildings installed with sandwich insulated  panel (SIP) roofing

Leaking Roofs

Leaking roofs, particularly that of commercial and industrial buildings and processing facilities present the asset owner with a dilemma. Businesses can not afford to cease operations whilst major roof replacements are carried, the loss of operational income is far too high. The same is true for commercially tenanted properties, where by the occupier cannot operate in the scheme of major building renovations. Typically, the owner will undertake spot repairs as a short-term solution to keeping valuable machinery, goods and office space dry from water leaking in from the roof. The reality is that these repairs are short lived and often require repeating every couple of years, adding to the maintenance costs of the building. 

Asbestos  Roofs

Where an asbestos roof is concerned the asset owner has an even greater challenge. Full replacement requires suitably licensed contractors to remove and dispose of the hazardous waste at huge cost. During the removal process the asbestos sheet is disturbed thus requiring internal isolation measures and air monitoring to ensure occupants with the building are not at risk of breathing air borne fibers. Adding on the cost of temporary weather protection, such as scaffolding and shrink wrap to keep the building space dry during roof sheeting replacement, can inflate refurbishment costs in to the millions. Inseal can provide with a cost effective solution by applying our special polyurea, providing a seamless monolithic roof membrane that waterproofs and protects whilst adding structural integrity

Unrivalled physical properties

What  is polyurea

Inseal’s polyurea is a specially formulated pure polyurea designed specifically for use in waterproofing and protective coating applications. The two component product is processed though specialist equipment where it is heated and pressurised. The material is mixed and dispensed through a spray gun where a rapid cross-linking reaction forms a polyurea coating that can be built to any thickness in one pass. To discover more about polyurea, see ‘Polyurea 101’ here.

Roofing  Applications

Do you require a roof replacement, or roof refurbishment work to be carried out to your building or factory? Property managers, body corporates and business owners alike should contact Inseal Coatings to arrange a site survey to discuss our polyurea system and potential thousands in cost savings. Some roof membrane applications include;

  • Warehousing 
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Factories 
  • Commercial properties
  • High rise buildings
  • Refrigerated buildings (Sandwich insulated panel roof) 
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