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Protective Coatings

Inseal Pure Polyurea

The ultimate in concrete and steel asset protection, Polyurea has revolutionised the protective coatings industry. The ability to form its superior physical properties in such short time frames, and cure even with the presence of moisture, has resulted in the use of polyurea growing rapidly worldwide. Polyurea is the ultimate coating for protection of steel and concrete surfaces from corrosion, chemical attack and heavy duty service conditions. 

Harsh  environments

Many assets are subject to harsh service conditions. Waste water treatment plants process sewerage containing high levels of sulphuric acid and solids causing their facilities to deteriorate. Concrete structures, such as sedimentation tanks, often leak through unintentional cracks. In the presence of aggressive chemicals this leads to corrosion of steel reinforcement, spalled concrete and ultimately weakening of the structure. Over a long-term life cycle cost analysis, the cost of on-going temporary repairs is more than the cost associated with providing a permanent solution like the application of a seamless polyurea protective coating

Unrivalled physical properties

Inseal  pure polyurea is a high performance protective coating that exhibits outstanding physical properties outperforming other coatings with its extended service life

Inseal Polyurea Asset protection

Our unique polyurea range have excellent chemical, impact & abrasion resistance. The spray applied system adheres to the substrate with a vice like grip, but remains permanently elastomeric, resulting in a robust protective membrane that will not peel flake or crack. Another major advantage is its rapid cure nature, it can be walked on and exposed to water in minutes, this In turn minimises return to service times.To discover more about polyurea, see ‘Polyurea 101’ here.

Protective Coating  Applications

  • Potable water reservoirs & tanks
  • Waste water assets
  • Effluent ponds
  • Silos
  • Animal enclosures
  • Rail cars & tip trucks
  • Pipelines
  • Bridge decks
  • High expansion joints
  • Aeration ponds
  • Tunnels
  • Processing facilities
  • Bund wall / secondary containment

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