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Floor Coatings

Floor Coating  Systems

Floor coating applications are broad and varied with each service condition requiring specific performance criteria. Food grade flooring standards require applicaiton of a seamless, non-tainting coating containing no harmful components such as VOC’s, applied to a substrate free of voids. Warehousing and workshops have a high frequency of plant, equipment and foot activity, therefore a hard wearing and durable coating must be applied to protect the floor. Many different forms of resin floor systems are available to the consumer, each having their own benefits. Epoxy floor coatings have been around for many years and are the most commonly used due to the economic cost factor. Whilst epoxy is economic it does have some inherent floors which subsequently leads to a relatively short service life. Polyasaprtic, a new from of coating technology, has quickly become a popular product of choice due to it’s durability, UV stability and short cure profile. For the ultimate in flooring protection against harsh environments, long term service life and rapid return to service, pure polyurea leads the way

Durable  Flooring Systems

Polyaspartic and polyurea are highly durable owing to their excellent flexibility. Food safe, excellent resistance to abrasion, impact, puncture and chemicals, these are just some of the characteristics offered with the unique polymer membrane technology from Inseal Coatings. Rapid cure and available in non-slip, our seamless floor systems offer long term performance and value for money backed by a project specific warranty. 

Unrivalled physical properties

Flooring Applications

Our polyaspartic and polyurea floor coating systems are suited to a broad range of applications. Specially formulated for longevity, these flooring options provide our customs with premium quality solutions over traditional epoxy based coatings that have a short service life.

  • Foods and beverages processing
  • Dairy facilities 
  • Warehousing and factories 
  • Toilet blocks
  • Cool rooms
  • Laboratories
  • Cattery and dog kennels
  • Animal enclosures  

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