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Spray On Bed Liner

Polyurea Bed Liner

Poly-Flex Pure Polyurea is an extremely tough and durable spray-on elastomer which provides outstanding protection for ute trays and truck decks. Applied at the convenience of your own address using our mobile rig or at our premises offers our customers flexibility. So just how tough is Poly-Flex? Be sure to check out the video of the impact test at the bottom of this page!

Unrivalled physical properties

Inseal pure polyurea is a high performance protective membrane that exhibits outstanding physical properties unmatched by any other coating

Poly-Flex – Tough As Nails

A Poly-Flex polyurea spray-on bed liner offers protection against impact, abrasion, puncture and corrosion. The tough and protective membrane is highly elastic coupled with excellent tensile and tear strength. Chemical resistant and water tight a Poly-Flex bed liner will protect against corrosion and wear for many years. The following video demonstrates just how tough the membrane is.

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