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Inseal Coatings NZ Limited

Inseal Coatings is committed to providing a professional, friendly service. We work with premium materials which enables us to provide our customers with superior systems guaranteeing customer satisfaction.

The company is owned and managed by a civil engineer who has experience in the application of polyurea. Having spent time working on projects in remote parts of Australia, lining community water supply tanks and desalination tanks on the Santos GLNG mine site, we have the expertise to deliver professional results. Inseal Coatings owns industry leading plural component equipment capable of processing material consistently with high outputs. We are well equipped to tackle both small and large scale projects and have carried out projects both in New Zealand and overseas.

Inseal Coatings polyurea range is manufactured under strict ISO 9001 quality management systems. Our products have been used extensively in various applications and have proven to perform under the harshest of conditions. !important; } body .ffsfdfsf{ background-image: url( !important; }}